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Apples – Josmar Acres TREE RUN GINGERGOLD


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Our Tree Run apples are picked straight off the tree into bulk bins and sold at a bulk price. They are a mix of sizes and good quality for eating and baking.

Ginger Gold apples have a pale yellow skin with slight russeting on the surface. They have a crisp, cream-colored flesh with a sweet, mildly tart taste. The sweet apple also has a sharp flavor that provides a slight spiciness. The flesh has a fine texture and does not brown right away when cut, making for a nicer appearance in fruit salads and as a fresh-cut snack.

Ginger Gold apples keep their shape when cooked, so they are great for tarts or pie apples. Make an early-season applesauce with a sweet and somewhat spicy flavor. These pale apples are a great fresh out-of-hand snack, and can also be a good variety for drying. The sweet Ginger Gold pairs well with classic white cheddar cheese, and are excellent in recipes that call for cinnamon and brown sugar.

Ginger Gold apples are one of the first Malus domestica varieties available in the fall. The Virginia apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin (Newtown Pippin) apples. Ginger Gold has been described as one of the best-tasting early-season apples