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March 9, 2023
When the sun shines and warms my face on a crisp, clear morning, it sprouts many thoughts and feelings of spring into my mind! As of mid-March, spring truly does start for us in the greenhouse as we welcome our baby plants. On that note, we offer custom planting of planters and hangers for you- give us a shout for more details, if you are interested! This weather has me busy planning my garden — Have you started planning your garden? We have seeds from Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds and OSC Seeds, Promix Seed Starting dirt, seed trays and humidity domes to get you started! If you would like to enjoy some potted blooming bulbs, we have tulips, hyacinths and daffodils in a variety of colors! On the crunchier side of things, we have a great variety of our CA (Controlled Atmosphere) apples – super tasty and crunchy, perfect for snacks and baking! Varieties available are HoneyCrisp, Empire, Gala, Blondee, Macintosh, Mutsu and Ambrosia. Need a vegetable to go with that fruit? We have carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and more! More snacks include, Picards ChipNuts, Thatcher Pepperettes, Barries Asparagus Tortilla Chips, Jensen Cheese – the possibilities are endless!  Come visit us today!
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Our MARKET & GARDEN CENTRE is open year-round! Come and browse the shelves of goods, decor items and plants for every season!
Updated January 10, 2023
Events planned for 2023, but with more details to come as each event draws closer!  U-PICK STRAWBERRIES – June 2023 ————— LANSDOWNE BERRY DAY – June 2023 ————— CANADA DAY STRAWBERRIES & ICE CREAM – July 2023 ————— U-PICK RASPBERRIES – July 2023 ————— U-PICK APPLES – September 2023 ————— KIDZ KORRAL – September 2023 ————— CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE – December 2023

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Josmar Acres Inc. Farm Market & Garden Centre has grown since 1974 into a family business, which runs a broiler breeder operation, cash crops of wheat, soybeans and corn, fresh delivery of wholesome produce, and a farmers market & garden centre to serve you

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